Snoop Dogg Tells It Like it Is About Kanye Said — “That N**** Crazy”

In a three part masterpiece, Snoop Dogg critiques Kanye’s latest rant.

Kanye stopped a show in Sacramento to go off for 15 minutes, mainly a list of things he wants to say “f**k you” to. Snoop recorded himself watching the rant on Instagram and had a few comments of his own. My favorite quote was when Snoop said that Kanye was “crazier than the s**t I got on my head,” referring to Snoop’s own odd headware.

In the second video, you mostly get prime side eye. In the end, all he can say is “That n****crazy.”

As with all things Snoop, the last one is about weed. “I smoke weed,” he said, “and weed don’t make you do that. What the f**k is he on?” True, Snoop, so true.

Snoop might have to become a debate moderator or a new CNN corespondent, cause his chill attitude and cutting words are an awesome combo.

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