Sure He’s a Rapist, but ‘The Cosby Show’ Is Too Funny to Stay Off the Air

Reruns of The Cosby Show have been popular since the moment it went into syndication. Bounce TV, BET, and TVLand all removed the Cosby Show from their rotation after allegations of being a rapist made the show seem less entertaining.

But people just can’t get enough of that serial rapist! Bounce TV, a network with nothing to offer, will be airing the Cosby Show again by “popular demand.” After careful research, Bounce says that the audience differentiates Bill Cosby, the man who bragged that his semen was like holy water after mouth raping a girl, from the lovable Dad Dr. Huxtable.

So, don’t worry. You still get to watch a classic comedy and practice compartmentalizing your emotions and judgements. Now,┬áthe next beloved star who turns out to be a monster won’t be such a hard pill to swallow.

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