Taylor Swift Shares a Video of When She Used to be a Mannequin

Taylor Swift and her friends, who look like real mannequins come to life, gave us a sneak peak into their past, to the days before they were turned into humans by magic.

We see them on a ominously cloudy day on the beach, where the figures are dressed in modern clothing so that their re-entry to society may be swift. The mannequins hold their frozen poses that they’ve been in for centuries, eagerly awaiting the day they may become real. “Could I ever be human?” the doll-like Swift ponders to herself. “One day, perhaps. One day.”

Alas, through the magic of music and slouchy hats, the figures awaken and begin to dance with glee. Their first taste of humanity is jubilant as the beauty of the beach overcomes their newly found souls. “This dancing is new to me,” proclaims Swift, “let’s all bounce about at random!”

As Todrick falls down, for his new moving legs and arms are too much for him, the group settles down to appreciate their new found freedom. “I am real now,” said Swift with a tear in her eye. “My day has come.”

Or it was a Mannequin Challenge video. We may never know.

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