Taylor Swift’s Stalker Arrested in Texas

Taylor Swift can’t even sing and looks like a ten-year-old that got put in the taffy puller at the Wonka Factory. What is this crazy f**k doing?

I’m sure Taylor Swift deals with about 46 stalkers a week, but at least this one is out of her hair for the moment. 39-year-old Frank Andrew Hoover was put behind bars on Thursday by Austin police after a really creepy October stalking accident.

After her concert at the Formula 1 race, he followed her all the way back to the airport and got within 50 feet of her before her bodyguards realized what he was up to.

This crazy f**k, who Swift already had a 500 foot at all times restraining order deal from, told them he was trying to get a photo and “possibly accompany Taylor wherever she goes.”

Ew. At least Hoover is in jail now and can’t continue sending Taylor’s family members emails about how her love life will continue to suck until she accepts him into her heart, or how they are all going to die.


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