Tila Tequila Loves Being a Nazi, Forgets She’s Not White

Tila Tequila, known for looking like a ho and having a reality show where she got to f**k men AND women (how progressive) has now gone full Nazi.

Tequila, who’s previously had pictures of her in Nazi attire banned from Facebook, which she calls “jewbook” just to make it totally clear she’s a piece of s**t, is now being suspended from Twitter.

Uproxx reports that¬†the white supremacist posted a picture of her and a couple super white dudes giving a Nazi salute. Twitter suspended her account because of her hate pictures and speech. Her tweeting “Seig heil” didn’t help things.

Does Tila realize that her bisexual, French-Vietnamese and born in Singapore ass will not be real cool with WHITE supremacists? They hate Jews, who are pretty white to begin with, so imagine their fury at a partly gay half-Asian who constantly dress like whore. It’s not going to end well.

Tequila will probably find a way to continue her hateful rhetoric, especially since she’s clearly¬†doing it to get attention from a world where no one gives two shits about her.

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mr skin fan
7 years ago

What an idiot.

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