‘Trainspotting’ Finally Got That Sequel You Forgot You Wanted 20 Years Ago

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen the original Trainspotting, but I’m aware of it. Vaguely. Still, watching the trailer for the long-awaited 20-years-in-the making sequel, I might be inclined to dig the original up from the relics of long-lost pop culture and give it a watch. Hopefully it’ll do itself more justice than other sequels-to-movies-from-forever-ago, no less meet expectations despite the parade of other such sequels coming out (Bladerunner 2, anyone?).

Plus, if I had known the adorable Ewan McGregor were in the original (set to reprise his role for the sequel, titled T2: Trainspotting–original), I might’ve checked it out sooner.

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