Tristan Thompson Dumped Khloe Kardashian Because Teammates Made Fun of Him


Khloe Kardashian is single because her bf, NBA baller Tristan Thompson, couldn’t handle his teammates making fun of him in the locker room.

Women are weak and dramatic tho, right?

MTO spoke with a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who had this to say:

“Everyone was [teasing] Tristan calling him ‘Kardashian’ in the locker room.”

Ha. Apparently Thompson couldn’t handle it and it was his main factor in breaking it off with Khloe.

“It’s messed up because I think [Tristan] really cared for that girl [Khloe].”

That is the most 14-year-old shit I have ever heard. Looks like she might want to go the Kourtney Kardashian route and try covering herself in honey to attract men.

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