True Holiday Season Hero: Florida Woman Shot House Guest That Stayed Too Long

If you want to tell me you have not fantasized about doing this to some hanger-on that just wouldn’t shut up you are probably lying.

32-year-old Alana Anette Savell was arrested Monday on a charge of aggravated battery with a firearm. After two guests in her home got rowdy and drunk, she pulled a gun on them and opened fire, hitting one woman in the legs and also managing to shoot her boyfriend by accident.

This is all because Savell didn’t want them in her home. Did she try asking them to leave first?

Apparently Savell did this on the advice of her genius boyfriend, who told her that if she asks somebody to leave her home three times and they don’t, the next and most obvious step is shooting them in the fucking leg.

What the f**k, Florida?

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