Trump Wants to Violate Constitution Over Burning Flags

Donald Trump hasn’t gotten enough attention in the last 24-hours, so he had to tweet something crazy.

Recently, Trump tweeted that burning the flag should be outlawed and people should be jailed or have their citizenship taken away for this offense.

No one really knows why he brought up flag burning. Perhaps it’s because of a demonstration from weeks ago at Hampshire College where a flag was burned or maybe his “Dictator Dice” rolled flag burning as his topic for the day.

The Supreme Court has identified flag burning as protected under the First Amendment twice. Yeah, the Supreme Court’s time was wasted twice to argue about how mean it is to burn a flag. And both times, flag burning won. In the case from 1989, Justice William Brennan wrote in his majority opinion on United States v. Eichman,“The Government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable.”

Trump himself tweeted about the importance of free speech in 2013.

Basically, Trump is just talking a bunch of s**t to keep his fans aggravated and his name in the news.

But just in case he’s taking this new flag burning hatred seriously, burn your flags now, before you’re thrown out of the country for it.

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