All I Want for Christmas is Not You – Mariah Carey Begged for Divorce

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon separated in August of 2014 but it wasn’t finalized til this September because of a custody battle. What finally got Nick to sign the papers? Carey had to beg.

After going back and forth with lawyers, Mariah called Nick personally and said “I want you to sign the divorce papers. I really want to get married to James Packer.” Cannon responded that he wouldn’t stand in her way and the divorce was finalized.

Sadly, things did not end happily between Carey and Packer, since she split from her finance days after the divorce papers were signed.

Apparently Packer turned into a different person “over night,” and Carey claims his people soured the relationship between them. They were in the process of settling a pre-nup and Packer was not pleased that it might not be finished before the wedding. “The people who work for me . . . do as I say or f - - k off. I want to get married on March 1,” Packer said. What a gem.

Now, Carey is suing Packer for $50 million, claiming she had to uproot her life to be with him and the split left her in such disarray that she had to cancel the South African leg of her tour. Carey was also so disturbed by the break up that she immediately started fucking her back up dancer. Hey, we all heal differently.

Hopefully, Mariah won’t have to beg for any more divorces or do another $50 million uprooting of her life any time soon. Side note, men married to pop stars, keep an eye on those back up dancers. They got Britney, J-Lo and Mariah. They’re coming after yours next.

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