Watch This Penguin Try to Win His Wife Back, Emphasis on Try

Check out this video of a penguin who came home to find his wife shacking up with another penguin. Dude is pissed so he tries to beat the homewrecker with his flippers. The two fight to a stalemate leading to the penguin making the most depressing noise asking his wife to choose between him and the homewrecker. Like, it’s shoot yourself in the face sad.

That ho chooses the homewrecker and they waddle into their little burrow that he probably dug out with his OWN BEAK. Well, that penguin ain’t going down like no bitch so he chases the other dude into the burrow and starts trying to peck his eyes out. Turns out that other penguin has been hittin’ the gym or something because he goes and pecks HIS eyes out. Homewrecker ends up kicking the dude’s ass and the cuckholded penguin just stands there like a sad sack of s**t.

He then looks at his wife and, probably through penguin tears, says something like, “Baby, baby! Please!”

The wife wants no part of his weak ass and tells him to shuffle off. And he’s all like, “Fine. Whatever!” and tries to hop over a branch while leaving but eats it because of his aforementioned weak ass. God damn, that’s brutal.

I’m surprised there wasn’t a bystander penguin eating a late night fish or something and shouting “WORLDSTAAAAH!” into the camera.

Of course, Twitter empathized.

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