Woman Found Dead Mouse Sewn Into Dress – THIS IS REAL LIFE!!!!!

Life is full of stress and danger. So, how do many women relax? By doing some casual shopping at Zara, a respected retailer in the world of fashion. Well, now Zara sewed a mouse into a dress and sent it to a customer, SO NOTHING IS SAFE ANYMORE AND THE WORLD IS A DISASTER!!!

Cailey Fessel, 24, bought a dress from Zara and wore it to work thinking it was just your average garment free of all rodents. At work, she noticed a terribly pungent smell. After feeling something brush against her leg, Cailey inspected the hem. She went to pull out what she assumed was a loose thread, but turned out to be a piece of a MOUSE!!!

A whole mouse was sewn into the hem of the garment. Luckily, Cailey had back up clothes to wear so she didn’t have to rock rat filled attire for the rest of the day.

Somehow this story gets even worse. Cailey is now suing based on her harrowing experience because she not only wore a mouse for hours but now has a rash that was diagnosed as a “rodent-born disease.”

In the future when buying clothes from Zara, feel free to specify that you would not like the addition rat accessories so you don’t end up living in a nightmare.

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