Woman Voted For Trump, Now Free to Be Racist in Public

Jennifer Boyle is a racist. She’s also a Trump supporter. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive, except when Boyle mentions that she should get special treatment because she voted for Trump.

America is well on its way to being great again.

Boyle’s racist tirade against a group of Michael’s workers comes after a tirade against a Peet’s Coffee employee.

Maybe she just hates people who work at companies named after names and she’s super confused as to why Michael and Peet aren’t serving her when their name is on the sign?

According to research, Boyle used to work at Sinai Health System, which definitely explains why my health care is fucked up.

This story does have a happy ending. Jessie Grady set up a GoFundMe for Michael’s employees who were on the receiving end of the racist smackdown and the page has already raised $18,000. Grady is going to feel really bad if this was all an elaborate ruse by the Michael’s employees to double their yearly salary.

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