16 and Pregnant Star Valerie Fairman Dead at 23

16 and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman is dead. She was 23.

The cause of death is still unknown, but it was well-documented on the show that Fairman has struggled with substance abuse. She was also charged with prostitution in 2015. Did I mention that she was on 16 and Pregnant?

It’s unfortunate anytime anyone loses their life, but maybe we shouldn’t give them a reality show when they are 16 years old and about to be a mother. Maybe we should let them care for their child instead of sticking a camera in their face every moment. Instead of documenting her substance abuse, maybe MTV could have paid for a substance abuse program for her.

Sadly, this is the path many reality stars go down. They either find a way to stay in the spotlight (looking at you, Farrah) or they can’t deal with everything when the spotlight is gone. It’s just the culture we have created.

RIP Valerie.

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