This Aussie Taylor Swift Impersonator Makes $10K A Day

20 year old Australian model and actress Olivia Claire looks just like Taylor Swift from the right angle, and is using it to make bank. Apparently she rakes in between $5-10K per appearance as everyone’s favorite snake emoji hating pop star.  Take a look. It’s semi-uncanny.

She has a near 50,000 person following of Taylor Swift fans who can’t believe it’s not butter. This Taylor Swift replicant comes from humble beginnings, we learned in an interview with Pedestrian:

“When I had long, naturally brown hair and worked as a check-out chick, customers would often tell me I looked like a “Brunette Taylor Swift” or “Taylor Swift in the ‘You Belong With Me’ video.”

Incredible, however, is it took her a few years to realize she could make money off of looking like Tay-tay.

“I think it was after the 1989 Tour dates where we’d (my best friend and I) had security asking us to move to a bigger aisle, closing off the gate to our entire floor section because of the line as long as the floor aisle filled with fans wanting photos with me, that it really hit me that this was a “thing”. I think it’s really flattering and I love making those people happy even if it’s just a novelty.”

Now she makes $5-10K a pop for showing up looking like this.

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6 years ago

If she dressed up like Taylor and start doing porn, she’d make $100,000 a day.