Bella Hadid Definitely Has Personality

Bella Hadid is boring. Bella Hadid has no personality. Bella Hadid is just a pretty face. Bella Hadid is uninteresting. Bella Hadid once killed a homeless man with a rubber mallet. These are the rumors Bella Hadid attempts to dispel in her latest interview.

And dispel she did. Bella covers the latest issue of Paper where she let’s her personality shine. By personality, I mean pierced nipple. Because, I mean, look at how hard Paper has to try to turn her PTSD stare into a positive.

Hadid has, perhaps unfairly, been cast by the media and fashion world as the mysterious, sullen sister, the Veronica to bubbly, blonde Gigi’s Betty. And although Hadid has perfected an intense gaze and pout that remind many of a young Carla Bruni, away from the camera she’s all smiles, laughter and kinetic energy. “People say that I don’t smile, or that I don’t have a personality,” she says, before expressing her excitement over getting to show a new side of herself in the photos that accompany this story.

Mm, she’s got quite the personality on her. Wait, did I type that? Yikes, why am I still typing?

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