Bella Thorne Relationship Drama, Y’all

Bella Thorne got herself in some brand new social media trouble. Charlie Puth is pissed. It all started when Bella Thorne did this weird mixed message post, claiming her and Tyler Posey never lived together but sharing some seriously romantic #tbt.

Yeah, it’s definitely confusing, but at least we have one mystery solved. With nails like that, we know Bella Thorne is a straight girl.

In response it looks like Charlie Puth announced their break up (???) on Twitter.

It’s like Nietzsche said. Believing things is gay.

I didn’t comment between tweets because I was busy playing a mournful dirge on the world’s smallest violin.

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Loup Tigris

Rob, shut your relic mouth! you are old already brah, let the new douche bags on the block have their marry ways like you did and the rest of your kind that are now has been, back in the days!

kim bunchalastnames

bella’s casting herself as lindsay lohan in her own private stage play.


What idiot would have anything to do with this? She’s a moron.

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