Bella Thorne Wants You To ‘Get Off Her Socials, Dawg’

Bella Thorne is hot and doesn’t give a f**k what you think about her.

Speaking to Maxim, Thorne had this to say about her attitude.

“There’s always somebody that tells me to change,” she says, “but my fan base likes me because I’m a regular teenage girl, and if you don’t like it, don’t follow me.”

Ah, the ol’ “If you don’t like it, don’t look at it” line. If you ever want to express how little you give a f**k about someone else’s opinion, use that line. Still want to stalk Bella on social media? She has some advice for you.

“Sometimes I just want to say, ‘F**k ’em, get off my socials, dawg.'”

Now there is a clever line.

Keep doing you, Bella. I’m sure the readership of this site greatly appreciates your ability to take pictures in your bikini.

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7 years ago

Well. He’s not wrong. We do appreciate her taking pictures in her bikini…