Bikini Pics of Bella Hadid and Hot VS Models Hanging Out on Vacation

Beautiful people. Their lives are so much better than yours and here are the pics to prove it.

Bella Hadid recently did the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Naturally, she needed to decompress from the stress of walking back and forth. Hadid gathered her hot ass model friends and jetted off to the Bahamas. That’s already someplace you’ll never go.

Because they want to prove how awesome they are, they had to Instagram that s**t.

Here she hangs out with Elsa Hosk on the wing of a private plane. She captioned it “Warmer weather @hoskelsa 💛☀️”

Again with Hosk.

Is this Bella Hadid on an empty beach? It is.

Here’s Hadid posing. I can see her ribs! Awesome. Some people are ass men, I’m a rib man myself. I love a good bony rib sticking out.

What about her hot model friends? Here they are.

And here are their asses.

Now go back to your boring life, plebe.

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