Brendan Fraser Looks Depressed as Hell in Saddening AOL Interview

Brendan Fraser seems real sad.

To promote his new role on the upcoming season of The Affair, Fraser had a lengthy interview with AOL. In the over 30 minute interview, you can’t help but feel like Brendan is not all that happy.

To start the interview, Fraser points out that he’s not in the trailer for the new season. He doesn’t really say much about it other than that, just wanted to point out that his part is far from the starring role and doesn’t want the audience to feel as self conscious as he does about it.

Fraser has not had an easy time in the last ten years, with his role in The Affair the most high profile job he’s done in years. Though he’s worked consistently, he’s far from the big budget starring roles he once had in his The Mummy heyday. Instead, he’s had to do garbage like Furry Vengeance, a film about woodland creatures protesting home developments in their woods.

To make things truly terrible, he has to pay his ex-wife $900,000 a year in child support. Though he’s fought to reduce the fee since he no longer makes the insane paychecks of the late 90’s, his wife won’t have it and has accused him of hiding money and lying about his salary. Though anyone with access to IMDb can see that Fraser is certainly not making George of the Jungle money anymore.

Now, he’s got an interesting role in a hit Showtime series, but Brendan seems consumed by his past and what his career could have been. Damn you, Monkeybone!

If you want to see depression in action, check out around 4 minutes, where Fraser discusses The Affair and how it’s about “how do you know what the truth really is.” As his eyes sadden, you can see that he’s alluding to far more than The Affair. At 8:33 he talks about not wanting to be pigeonholed, ie, become the go-to actor for weirdo dumbass films, something he sadly became. And at 11 mins and onward he goes on at length about how the industry has changed since 2008, also the year he got divorced, how fewer films are made and lamenting the dead technology of film itself.

Brendan Fraser has made many horrible films, but so has Adam Sandler and Josh Gad and people still give them high profile jobs. Fraser seems like a nice guy, a good actor, and very dedicated to his work. I truly hope he gets more jobs. As long as it’s not a Dudley Do-Right sequel.

But, maybe he’s not doing that bad. I think we’d all be depressed doing a 34 minute interview with AOL. Why does AOL need any full length interview segments? Where was this shown? Hell, Fraser probably walked out of the studio and the dark cloud of needlessness that is AOL and immediately felt better.

Around 4:00 wondering what the truth really is. 8:33 pigeonholed, 9:35 paradigm shift in 2007 talks about fewer films being made, 11:00 talking about digital filming and Journey to the center of the earth

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5 years ago

This guy was THE breakout talent of the 90’s. An extraordinary performer. And he wasted his talent on crap like Dudley Doright, and Monkeybone. I don’t know why Hollywood people think the money and good roles will always keep coming.

5 years ago

I was happy to be at the interview and regardless of what people may think he was so kind and patient with his fans after the show. Especially when I showed him my tattoo I was nervous but he responded well. You don’t know him or his personal life. Anyway he is a humble guy who has to promote stuff and that is what he did. Articles like this exacerbate the ‘he is depressed’ view of him.Let the man be, however he may be in your impression.

2 years ago

He’d literally just buried his mother! Have some compassion!

Mary Martin
Mary Martin
1 year ago
Reply to  Mjohnson

THANK YOU! Yes, he wasn’t depressed. He was GRIEVING! Ignorant papparazzo!

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