Charlie Sheen Prays for Trump’s Death

When even Charlie Sheen thinks you’re a piece of s**t, you’re in trouble.

Charlie Sheen put to Twitter his hope for the next celebrity to die in 2016. President Elect Donald Trump.

God may not have a lot of favors left for Charlie, but he’s hopeful 2016 can end with the biggest death surprise of all.

Honestly, I’m surprised Sheen hates Trump. They’re both celebrities, both run their mouths off, and both have real problematic female relationships. I’d assume they were best friends.

But when drug addled, wife beater Charlie Sheen prays for your death, you know you’ve truly hit rock bottom.

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6 years ago

Kinda sad that the future of the free world has been reduced to whether or not God has the compassion to answer Charlie Sheen’s prayers.