Chrissy Teigen Called Out Donald Trump And It Was Great

So, we all know that no one wants to perform at Donald Drumpf’s inauguration. It’s so bad that he’s tried bribing people with money and government positions. And even almost getting The Rockettes to be forced to do it against their will didn’t work out. Despite all this, he’s tryna play it like he’s not on the entire entertainment world’s (and most of the actual world’s) s**t list on Twitter.

The PEOPLE don’t want you buddy. And neither does Chrissy Teigen and her Oscar winning, A-list musician husband John Legend.

People even fact checked her tweets to see if this was real.


Of course, people had a lot to say to her about it.


Some people were less complimentary.

Oh snaaaaap. Tell ’em Chrissy Teigen.

A lot of other people ragged on her for not being A-list herself. I guess they forgot that she is married John Goddamn Legend, who she was clearly talking about.

Oi vey.

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