Bill Cosby Wants to Cop a Plea, Doesn’t Want to Die in Jail

Apparently, Bill Cosby is scared of going to trial and losing and is looking for a deal.

Page Six reports that Cosby would like to take a plea to avoid trial and hopefully avoid jail. A source said “Cosby and his family believe he’ll be eligible for a sentence of just probation . . . and remove the threat of him dying in prison.”

Cosby believes since he paid one of his victims millions in an earlier plea deal and the fact that he’s old, ill, and faking blindness should ease his sentence. The fact that he drugged and raped over 50 women, may counteract all that.

In addition to hoping his frail state keeps him from expiring behind bars, Cosby thinks this is a racially motivated attack. “[Cosby] truly believes that this prosecution is racially motivated. He’s rich, he’s famous and the world loved him. But if it were, say, a Robert Young or Fred MacMurray, if they were ever accused, America itself would not stand for it,” the source said, winning the outdated reference of the year award.

It’s true that if a court dug up the long dead bodies of the stars of Father Knows Best and My Three Sons and put them on trial, America probably would be outraged and confused.

Cosby now just has to wait and see if the court is kind to a man who already admitted to drugging and groping women. Given the shitty decisions this year has brought so far, he actually might be okay.

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