This Doll Makes Very Inappropriate Sounds When You Press It

So this might be fake, along with 10% of the stories out there these days. Supposedly, Shevon Potts bought this innocent looking baby that coos when you press it. Except this baby doesn’t coo. Just listen.

That cooing sounds more like hardcore, Saturday night moaning. Is this the Jenna Jameson model?

Potts went onto the retailer’s Facebook page and complained:

Bought this baby for my daughters birthday, at argos clearance. And im absolutely horrified at the “baby cry” it just does not sound like a babies cry!! i wont even let me daughter leave the house with it!!

Argos, the retailer, understandably wanted to find out who’s been inserting porn star moans into their babies. They asked Potts for the catalogue number, which she didn’t have, then suggested she return it.

Meanwhile, someone’s very confused and disturbed right now by their sex doll making baby noises.

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