Fifth Harmony Lost One of Their Harmonies

It looks like Camila Cabello would rather work from home than work with Fifth Harmony. The fifth harmonizer decided to leave the group today, leaving fans asking, “which one was she?”

It will surprise no one to learn that Cabello wants to start a solo career and that she didn’t get along with the other four. That’s the reason literally every single member leaves a group. It’s never, “he/she wants to focus on his/her family” or “he/she didn’t like the spotlight and would rather sit behind a desk.” It’s always in-fighting and solo career. Zack Attack started this story line and it’s been rehashed a million times since.

For every Justin Timberlake, there is a J.C. Chasez. For every Beyonce, there is every single member of the Backstreet Boys. Those are pretty much the only 2 pop group artists who went solo and succeeded. So, the success rate isn’t very good. Rockers and rappers sometimes pull it off, but if you’re a pop artist and in a group, chances are you’re in a group for a reason.

Who knows, maybe this will be worth it for Camila.

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Louise Urbana
Louise Urbana
6 years ago

You forgot about Ricky Martin — he was one of many obscure boys to go through the revolving doors of Menudo, and wound up a star in his own right.