Floyd Mayweather Calls Conor McGregor ‘A Bitch’

Floyd Mayweather is still talking about Conor McGregor. Probably because Conor McGregor keeps talking about Floyd Mayweather.

First, he called Conor, “a bitch.” If you’ve ever seen 60 Days In, you’ll know that calling someone a “bitch” means it’s time to put your shower shoes on and start swinging. He followed up that verbal jab with a verbal straight right, calling him “Conor McTapout” and posting this on Instagram.

I’ll give Floyd credit for that Instagram post. It’s well edited and doing a caption contest for $10,000 is fun and something he can afford to do. That really says a lot about the amount of money this man has.

Maybe Conor will respond with a caption contest of his own, but for $20,000. And they’ll keep upping the ante until they are both broke and pretty much have to fight each other. That’s the only way this one is happening.

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