George Michael Started ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden. You’re Welcome

Everyone loves Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. It’s about the only segment from any late night show that is constantly shared on social media.

But did you know that George Michael started “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden?

“My original idea was to pick George Michael up from prison in a car,” Corden said. “And then we realized, ‘Maybe we’ll lose the prison, but what if there’s still some fun for me and George to be in the car and we’ll sing some Wham! songs?'”

So, there you have it. George Michael not only gave us “Faith,” he gave us “Carpool Karaoke”. Just remember that when you’re watching Britney Spears and Bruno Mars drive around with James Corden and singing a bunch of songs. They wouldn’t be here without George Michael.

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