Go Get Laid at New Caddyshack Bar in Chicago Suburbs

Bill Murray led Chicago and the Cubs to a World Series in 2016. And in 2017, he’ll be leading Chicago and hungry residents to a Caddyshack theme bar.

The restaurant will be located in nearby Rosemount, Illinois. It’ll be 11,000 square feet, giving you plenty of room to chase gophers and make wagers.

There is already a Caddyshack bar in St. Augustine, Florida, and it’s still in business, which means it must be doing better than most themed restaurants.

I’d make more Caddyshack jokes, but you’ve heard them at least a million times and reading them on the internet simply isn’t as funny as watching the movie. So, go watch the movie. And in 2017, go to Chicago and visit the bar. Or go now to the bar in Florida.

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