‘Gremlins 3’ Might Be in the Works as a ‘Force Awakens’ Type Sequel

Don’t worry, people are working hard to make Gremlins 3 happen.

Zack Galligan, star of Gremlins, has said that people are working hard to make another Gremlins. Christopher Columbus is on board, Stephen Spielberg is into it, and Warner Brother’s is all about it, it’s now just about getting the script right.

Galligan says that the film will be a sequel set in the the modern day. “[Columbus] tantalizingly says there will be some new characters and some old characters – I guess in the style of a Force Awakens type sequel,” said Galligan. Since Chris Columbus wasn’t involved or happy with Gremlins 2, part of the reasoning behind the third installment will be to get the Gremlins legacy back on track.

The script has been in the works for a year and half and Galligan is adamant that this will not be a reboot and that a reboot will never be.

Though all this information that Zack gave to Bleeding Cool sounds pretty legit, the studio has not greenlit the project, nor have Columbus or Spielberg made official statements.

Hopefully if this latest Gremlins sequel gets off the ground, the writing room will resemble this.

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7 years ago

Any reason not to link to Bleeding Cool?