Guns In Sports Stadiums? All Because Of Trump

Donald Trump is President. And that means guns will be allowed in sports stadiums in Seattle. I’m not exactly sure what the two have to do with each other, but according to The Seattle Times, the two things are definitely connected.

In case you were wondering whether Trumpism would start puncturing our blue West Coast bubble, state lawmakers got busy this past week putting to rest any doubts.

Long pent-up conservative legislators filed a slew of bills in Olympia that, taken together, serve as a sort of Trump rebel yell for the triumphant right wing.

Damn Republicans, if Hillary were President, no way they would be crazy enough to propose these bills. It’s not like they’re crazy and insane because they are politicians. They are crazy and insane because Trump has made it ok to be crazy and insane.

None of the bills have much chance of going anywhere — we’re still a blue state. Of course, I figured Trump didn’t have much chance of going anywhere either. So I’ve learned my lesson: In this new era, I now take seriously even the most ludicrous-sounding ideas.

Example: One of the first bills introduced for the upcoming legislative session is to allow sports fans to bring their guns into the stadium.

You see, CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field, both situated in the People’s Republic of Seattle but run by private operators, have strict no-gun policies. That’s because they both know it’s patently insane to fill stadiums with pumped-up, drinking, heavily-armed fanatics.

This is so crazy that is just might….get a ton of people killed. My girlfriend can’t get her EpiPen through stadium security, but an assault rifle? No problem.

What if stadiums gave you choice? You can bring your gun or you can buy beer. You can’t mix the two. Now that’s a real dilemma.

[Image: Flickr/Keith Allison]

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