Hailey Baldwin Shades Taylor Swift’s Squad

Is Taylor Swift’s squad around anymore? Last thing we saw was Taylor Swift inducting Serena Williams into the squad making Williams a regular Jackie Robinson.

Not everyone likes, or gets, the idea of a squad. Take Hailey Baldwin. She told Yahoo7Be:

“I don’t understand the Taylor Swift squad at all.”

“I don’t know what having a squad means. I just have my friends and that’s it.”

“I don’t think that you need to create a public squad. I don’t know what that proves.

“So I don’t really understand the Taylor Swift squad at all.”

You rude thoughtless little pig! You have insulted Taylor Swift for the last time! (insert Alec Baldwin voice)

#squadgoals4eva. Sucks for Swift. You know Taylor’s squad laughs about her behind her back. Hailey just does it out in the open.

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