Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors According To Forbes

Forbes revealed their annual Most Overpaid Actors” list this week. Johnny Depp topped the list for the second straight year.

Forbes comes up with this list based on how much the actor gets paid for the movie compared to how much the movie makes at the box office. It’s a pretty flawed algorithm because even the best actors can’t save shitty movies with terrible plots.

For example, Channing Tatum came in at #3. Even though he’s a gift from the Gods, there was no saving that shitty Jupiter Ascending movie.

Maybe Forbes should create a list called “Dumbest Movie Studios”. Come up with a math equation that takes into account how much they pay an actor, how much the movie makes, how much they spent on the script, how much they spent to make the movie, and how much the movie sucks.

The rest of the list below:

1. Johnny Depp $2.80 earned at the box office for every $1 in salary
2. Will Smith $5 at box office for every $1 paid
3. Channing Tatum – $6 at the box office for every $1 paid
4. Will Ferrell – $6.50 at the ticket booth for every $1 paid
5. George Clooney – $6.70 for every $1 paid
6. Adam Sandler – $7.60 for every dollar paid
7. Mark Wahlberg – $9.20 for every dollar paid
8. Leonardo DiCaprio – $9.90 for ever dollar paid
9. Julia Roberts – $10.80 for every dollar paid
10. Bradley Cooper – $12.10 for every dollar paid

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