Jennifer Aniston Fucked 2 Guys in a Cockpit of a Plane

On the daytime show Ellen, of all places, Jennifer Aniston slyly admitted to having a weird 3-way in the sky.

Playing “Never Have I Ever” on the show, Ellen asked if Aniston ever joined the mile high club. Jennifer held up a paddle saying “I Have.” Okay, no surprise here. Celebrities fly on private jets all the time, if they haven’t fucked mid-air, there’s something wrong with them.

But the question was more specific. Ellen asked if she’d done it with a pilot in the cockpit. Aniston still said yes. Ellen then added “and the co-pilot…and the flight attendant” and Jennifer never put down her “I Have” paddle.

Is this just a silly joking game or did Aniston really endanger the lives of an entire plane by deciding to have a cockpit orgy? Though most likely it was just a joke, it doesn’t mean you have jerk off to a new Aniston fantasy.

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