Jennifer Lawrence Sucks at Parties But She’s Hot So It’s Fine

Jennifer Lawrence is still so relatable or whatever.

Even though she’s a literal crazy person with no impulse control, she told Late Late Show host James Corden all about how much she sucks at parties.

From Celebuzz:

“I get really overwhelmed by the amount of people, then I find two people and I imprison them and I trap them and I’m like ‘It’s you and me.”

That is a great strategy. I will use that from here on out. She also told this great story about acting like a college freshman from a nightmare planet at a glitzy Hollywood party.

“One year for the Oscars, I think it was the American Hustle year, I juice cleansed and then got really, really wasted. Then something was smokin’ and then I barfed, at Guy Oseary’s house, I vomited. Cheers, Guy!”

Please stop her. Somebody.

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