Jennifer Lopez and Drake Have Lasted a Whole Week

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are still a thing this week. And don’t look now, but things are HEATING UP.

According to People:

“Jen is looking forward with excitement to the new year. She keeps hanging out with Drake, and he has visited her house…She has nothing but nice things to say about Drake…Drake is very charming. He treats Jen with lots of respect. She seems very smitten.””

I’m sure Drake is a really nice person. Have you heard his music? He’s a sad and emotional guy. If he has something mean to say about you, he won’t say it directly to you. He’ll passive-aggressively mention it without saying any names.

You know things are serious because Rihanna unfollowed J.Lo on instagram. Rihanna seems thirsty for Drake’s attention right now, which is a turn in how their relationship usually works. Just don’t run back to Chris Brown, RiRi.

I’m still under the belief that Drake hasn’t met the kids. When that happens, then we’ll see how serious he is about this relationship.

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