Jerry Lewis Confirms Crotchety Old Man Status with Painful Hollywood Reporter Interview

Oh, Jerry Lewis. Still making us laugh.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down for an interview with 90-year-old Jerry Lewis and laughter did not ensue.

Apparently complaining about the lights, the crew, and the placement of the shots, Jerry Lewis was already annoyed by the start of the interview. So, instead of answering the reporters questions with candor, he kept his answers mostly to one word and kept up an impressive hateful glare.

Seven minutes has never felt longer than this video. The fact that the reporter even tried to continue is both admirable and stupid, since Jerry would have had him killed if there weren’t so many cameras around.

Also, when interviewing an elderly person, maybe don’t just ask questions about how old they are, what it’s like being old, and why are you still working even though you’re so old.

So, if you want to see an old man get riled up a the younger generation, you’ll get no better example than this “7 Minutes with Jerry Lewis”.

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