‘Kanye’s a Clone’ Say People Who Can’t Go a Day Without Talking About Kanye

Kanye’s behavior has been pretty erratic lately from meeting with Trump to rumors of schizophrenia. But an internet theory explains it all. Kanye is a clone.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Kanye died and the blond, Trump loving Kanye is merely a clone designed to take his place.

What proof do they have? Well, no real proof, but the fact that Kanye’s face looks more bloated than usual, his new love of Donald Trump, and the fact that he dyed his hair are leading people to believe it couldn’t be the real Kanye.

Sadly, evidence of Kanye behaving strangely has existed throughout his entire career and the fact that was placed on a psychiatric hold and was released back into the world with little treatment can explain a lot of his unusual statements.

But who knows. Maybe the government needs Kanye around to distract everyone from the actual terrible things that are happening around the world and if that means they need to break out a clone, they’ll do it.

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