Kim Kardashian Wears $800 USSR Flag Sweatshirt on Christmas Eve

Kim Kardashian went one or two days without getting tons of social media attention, so she had to fix that.

People are a little surprised and confused by Kim’s latest fashion choice. On Christmas Eve, she was seen wearing a hammer and sickle sweatshirt. For those not familiar, it’s the USSR flag.

Certainly an odd choice, since the Communist nation has been at odds with America for quite a long time, but made even more strange since Kanye just met with Trump and Trump and Putin are best friends.

Though it’s doubtful that Kim wore the shirt to make any kind of communist support statement, it’s very out of character. Mostly because the shirt is super baggy and you don’t see her tits or ass! Truly shocking.

Also, this K-Mart looking sweatshirt actually costs $800, quite a capitalist statement for a communist shirt.

Hopefully, Kim is not aware of any future plans of a dictator run Russian-American world takeover and just thought the red color looked Christmas-y.

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