Kylie Jenner Went to Christina Aguilera’s Birthday Party as Old School Xtina

Kylie Jenner killed Halloween this year with a spot on recreation of the look Christina Aguilera wore in her 2002 music video for her song “Dirrty.” She killed it so hard that Aguilera requested she wear the outfit to her 36th birthday party.

If just coming from a rich family and being able to do whatever the f**k she wants doesn’t work out for her, Kylie has a promising career as a Vintage XTina impersonator because that s**t is on point as hell.

Take a look.

She even popped in blue contacts to go full Aguilera. A++.

What can I say other than that she is killin it?

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Alibastar Beaubo
Alibastar Beaubo
6 years ago

So when is Kylie’s porn film coming out?