Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Back to His ‘Titanic’ Roots and Boards Trump’s Sinking Environmental Ship

Maybe Leonardo Dicaprio can save the Earth after all.

Leo met with Trump recently to discuss creating sustainable energy throughout the US. Since Trump has picked a climate change denier to head the EPA, environmental causes are going to need all the help they can get. And if that means a celebrity has to do it, so be it.

Why would I rest hopes in a person known mostly for yelling in movies? Well, he’s a star. And if Trump is going to listen to anyone, it’s likely he’d pick an insanely popular actor over some boring old scientist. Think of the headlines if Leo DiCaprio creates a sustainable energy plan with the Pres! It’s like the ultimate Celebrity Apprentice.

God speed, Leo. May handing out DVD’s of your documentary about climate change to the President’s daughter do us some good, instead of being a blow hardy way to throw your celebrity status around.

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