‘The Mummy’ Trailer Without Sound Is Wonderful

The Mummy trailer for IMAX was released a few days ago where it stayed up until someone discovered that they forgot to add the music track. Whoops. Luckily for everyone who enjoys other’s misfortunes, someone ripped the trailer and re-uploaded it for posterity. And also to just point and laugh at it.

The screaming without ambiance is just wonderful. Especially Tom Cruise’s “Waaahaaaa!”

In somewhat related news, this is a remake of Brendan Fraser’s version, but it’s also supposed to be part of the Universal Monsters shared universe. It’s actually the third in the series but has now become the first. You wouldn’t even know that Dracula Untold and Wolf Man were the first two because they were absolutely horrible. So, like your embarrassing sibling, Universal just pretended they didn’t exist.

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