New Photo Shows Barron Trump Being a Creep in Training

A new photo has come out featuring the happy Trump family. The good news is that it’s not just Ivanka and Donald that have a weird relationship, Baron and Melania are a little bizarre as well.

In a photo from January, 9-year-old Barron is standing over his mother to take a picture of her while she languishes with a vaguely sexy smile. It’s weird.

Is this photo life changing? No. If this were the first picture that presented a potentially inappropriate relationship between parent and child, that would be one thing. But this is just another example of the Trumps being creepy as all s**t.

Barron standing over his mother like that, while she has quite possibly a “f**k me” look on her face, is not right. Death and Taxes posits that in the Trump family, men are conditioned to treat women like objects. So, Barron is just using his mom as a posable Barbie for picture time. Trump talks about how fuckable his daughter is. It doesn’t matter that they’re family, first and foremost they’re women, therefore meant to be sexualized.

That may explain Barron’s weird dominance, but why is Melania giving that expression? Why would you need a sexy photo of yourself taken by your only biological child? Who’s 9. Did your Mom ever give you a sexy pose or tell you to get right on top of her to take a picture when you were a kid? No. She probably hid from the picture or just smiled begrudgingly while she wished she could throw the camera in the trash.

Now, we’re making a mountain out of one picture, which isn’t fair. This could have been just a shot at the wrong moment giving us all the wrong idea. But, it does seem like there is a weirdness in the family that goes beyond exceptional ego and ability to state lies as abject truths.

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5 years ago

Can u blame this child, really?

5 years ago

I despise Trump. But kids under 18 are ALWAYS off limits in ANY KIND of matter. Shame on you Amber Petty. I can see you weren’t taught values.

alien11able .
alien11able .
5 years ago

The news medias are absolutely insane! There is nothing wrong with this photo! I only see parent and child looking off camera and nothing inappropriate. I think the media mentality is in the “gutter”!!!

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