Nude Pics of Gigi and Bella Hadid Spurn Outrage, They’re ChildHood Pics, Don’t Get Too Excited

The internet proves it can always get pissed at something new.

Gigi and Bella Hadid walked the Victoria’s Secret runway last night and their mother wanted to celebrate the occasion. So, she posted an innocent picture of the sisters when they were little girls.

You can’t blame a mom for wanting to post this picture since it’s an insane coincidence that her two daughters once posed as cute naked angels as kids and grow up to pose as sexy mostly naked angels as adults.

But the internet was pissed! Calling the picture inappropriate and how it ignores the reality of child porn and child sex trafficking. The mother lost many followers by posting these nude pics, probably something no one would expect when they hear Gigi and Bella Hadid nude photos.

The sisters haven’t commented and hopefully they won’t. It’s a picture of two little girls, who gives a s**t. Yes, there are sickos out there, but there’s a lot of sick fucks looking at all the Hadid photos. So, it’s totally acceptable to have nearly their full ass and tits out at a fashion show but an old picture with no sexual implication is deemed unacceptable? Cool.

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