Oh Good, Sylvester Stallone May Be Part of Trump’s Posse

Yo, Adrien? What the f**k?

Donald Trump is apparently tapping Rambo for Chairmen of the National Endowment for the Arts because why the f**k not?

Sure. Whatever. Bobby Brown fucked a ghost and we found Michael Jackson’s torture porn stash this year. Kanye West and Trump hang out. It’s a weird year. Whatever.

If Sylvester Stallone is officially offered the job and accepts, he will head the federal agency responsible for doling out grants and funds to artists. Since that agency will be cut entirely to fund Trump’s future harem the second any artist in the country expresses an opinion, I hope Rocky enjoys his very short term position.

We don’t know if this is legit, and Stallone has not said whether or not he would accept, but considering he said that he loves Donald Trump in a recent interview, we all know he would jump right on that.

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