Pamela Anderson Wants Russian Citizenship, Says ‘Russia Really Gets Things Done’

Considering Russia has probably installed Drumpf more or less, Pamela Anderson basically already has a Russian passport, as we all do. While Americans are pussies and just drinking and heroin-ing themselves to death instead of injecting themselves with krokodil until their limbs rot off, its all the same. Welcome to the gulag, Barbie.

Pam Anderson, known for being really hot, wants a Russian passport. She said at a panel for the International Fund For Animal Welfare in Moscow:

“I love Russia. I have a very strong connection to Russia. My mom is a little bit Russian, I guess, generations ago. So I feel a connection to the culture and the people.”

Are you also 1/16th Cherokee Pam?

“I think that Russians really get things done.”

Remember when the Soviet Union fell? Remember all the wolves and brown water at the Sochi Olympics? Russia doesn’t do s**t well.

As Pam already has an American and Canadian passports, and Putin hands out passports to Hollywood types like old folks hand out candy on Halloween (Steven Seagal has one y’all), why the f**k not?

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7 years ago

The Russians really get things done? Not since 1945.