Potential New Couple Alert: Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger

Joshua Jackson stars in The Affair. In that show, his longtime girlfriend cheats on him and he ends up miserable.

Joshua Jackson dated Diane Kruger for like 10 years. In real life, his longtime girlfriend reportedly had an affair with Norman Reedus. It was never confirmed, but now it looks like Kruger and Reedus are dating.

Reedus opened some photo exhibition in Paris and Kruger was there. No other celebrity goes to a celebrity photo exhibition if they are just friends. Celebs have to lie to each other all the time and tell each other how much they enjoy their work in shitty movies they’ve never seen. You really think they want to go to some photo exhibition and lie about Norman’s shitty photography so he can feel better about having a hobby and trying to be normal?

So yeah, they’re dating.

Poor Joshua Jackson. How could anyone do this to Charlie Conway?

Norman Reedus has been in 800 movies that I’ve never seen and a bunch of TV shows that I’ve never seen. Did he just die in the Walking Dead? I guess that gives him more time for photography. And Diane Kruger.

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