Racehorse Named ‘Party Till Dawn’ Tested Positive For Meth

Fun fact: People keep giving their racehorses meth to make them run faster. Looks like meth isn’t just for critically acclaimed TV Shows and the kind of people that have been waiting on coal mining to come back to their shitty town for fifty years anymore.

After placing second in the Toowoomba race in Queensland, Australia Party Till Dawn was tested for meth and trainer Ben Currie is in some trouble. Currie is due before the horse racing people, who already fined him $6K for giving another horse illegal synthetic growth hormones.

This is more common than you think. Last year, another horse in Australia tested positive for meth, and at one racetrack in Texas alone, five winning horses were disqualified in three months due to meth in 2016.

Can this year please calm down?

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