Remember When Leonardo DiCaprio Appeared on ‘Growing Pains’?

Alan Thicke’s dead and that sucks. Now lets look back at some moments in Growing Pains history. Such as the time Leonardo DiCaprio starred in its final season.

Before Titanic blew up his star, and before What’s Eating Gilbert Grape gave him buzz, Leonardo DiCaprio appeared on the 1990s sitcom. He starred in the final season in 1991 as Luke Bower. DiCaprio played the homeless teen who had been taken in by the Seaver family.

DiCaprio’s role lasted 23 episode. While I can’t say if he had star quality on the show because I don’t have a time machine, one actor must’ve sensed it. That was actor Jeremy Miller.

Miller played Ben Seaver, the blonde-haired little brother in the family. Was there jealousy? Yeaaa, there was.

“There was a little bit of competition there. It bothered me a little bit that the network felt necessary to bring him in rather than focusing on my character, who had now grown up and could now take over for Mike as the rapscallion. That was a little weird.”

One dude went on to win an Oscar, the other dude needs to be Googled because I have no idea what he’s doing.

RIP Alan Thicke.

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