The Rise of Celebrity Sex Robots

A company called Abyss Creations, that has spent 20 years making sex robots, is planning on doing some really far out 2017 upgrades.

These include vaginas that feel like real vaginas and dolls that look like actual celebrities.

How is this Seinfeldvision nightmare but for boning even gonna be real, you might be wondering? In the future its possible that celebrities could license their likenesses to robot manufacturers, making it possible for you to buy robotic doppelgangers of them so life like that the robots will have pulses.

Then it gets even weirder. Eventually you won’t just be able to f**k a robot that looks like the celeb du jour, but talk to it. They will be programmed with their personalities, or whatever personality they pretend to have. Imagine, your Jennifer Lawrence doll won’t just let you f**k it, but will piss in your sink and pretend to be fat.


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