Robot-Human Marriage May Be Legal by 2050, Everyone Will Be Too Busy Having Sex With Robots to Care

If Siri’s been seeming more and more attractive lately, you may be able to marry her as soon as 2050.

Adrian Cheok, director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore recently spoke at the “Love and Sex with Robots Conference” in London. Did not know we needed a conference about love and sex with robots, since I just assumed that all robotics technology is going towards a workable SexBot.

Anyway, Adrian said that marriage between a human and robot may be legal by 2050. She cites the acceptance of gay and interracial marriage as signposts that human-robot coupling will eventually be just as valid as any human-human relationship. Cheok said “A lot of human marriages are very unhappy… Compared to a bad marriage, a robot will be better than a human.”

The fact we are nowhere near a robot with the technology and intelligence to even have sex with, let alone fall in love, doesn’t seem to matter. So, as soon as these near human robots hit the shelves, they’re predicting it’ll be socially acceptable very quickly.

So, if you’re lonely and haven’t found a human to suit your needs, you just have to wait another 30 some years. That robot vagina better be worth it.

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